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Become part of fast growing Beauty & Wellness community. Collaborate with talented artists, showcase your work and inspire others with your amazing skills! We’re extremely humbled to have become a family of amazing Hairstylists, Makeup Artists, Personal Trainers, Skincare Specialists and many more!

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Thanks for your interest in becoming Virtzy Brand Ambassador. Now is when the fun really begins! Our Brand Ambassadors are incredibly talented, unique artists who also care about Virtzy and its community. Please spread the word about Virtzy – tell your family, friends, shout it from the rooftops, post on your social media, email or text your colleagues, put up our flyers and just be creative! It’s very simple actually. You just tell everyone about Virtzy and we tell everyone about our awesome Brand Ambassadors!

If you are at a loss for words when spreading the word about. Virtzy, here is a little help:

Hey__! Have you heard of this cool new app Virtzy? Virtzy is a portfolio and network platform, that allows Beauty & Wellness professionals to showcase their talents and skills, connect and network with other professionals, and increase their business by marketing it to the right audience. I’ve become their Brand Ambassador because I think it’s a genius idea that builds a community and opens doors for unique collaborations. So what are you waiting for?! Get your Virtzy on now. Here is a link to download the app LINK

In return for being a kickass Virtzy brand ambassador, here are the rewards:

  • 5 sign-ups

    Access to our invite only Virtzy FB group. Lots of cool things going on in here.

  • 25 sign-ups

    Finish your look with this cool “VIRTZY” hat. Tell people why you’re wearing it.

  • 50 sign-ups

    Swaaaaag. Get our popular “VIRTZY” T-Shirt. Tell people why you’re wearing it.

  • 75 sign-ups

    Get Featured on our popular blog! You’ll get an awesome article written about your brand and will have the opportunity to tell everyone your story.

  • 100 sign-ups

    Hang out with Virtzy Founders. Get exclusive VIP invite and access to all of our events!