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Social Media Growth Strategies for Beauty & Wellness Professionals.

Are you a Beauty & Wellness Professional looking to grow your brand and attract more clients every day? Now, more than ever before, staying connected with your clients and keeping them engaged is very important for your business success. If you are not using Social Media by now, you are doing it all wrong!! In this webinar, we’ll teach you everything you need to know when it comes to Social Media Marketing and how to get started the right way. At the core, most social media platforms work in a very similar way, however, there are certain things that work best for the Beauty & Wellness industry. We will help you understand the fundamentals of Social Media Marketing and teach you the right strategies to drive your business to success! Sign up now!

Some things we’ll be reviewing in this course.

•Facebook Business Pages
•Facebook Growth Marketing Strategy
•Instagram Business Profiles
•Instagram Growth and Marketing Strategy
•Twitter Business Accounts
•Twitter Growth Strategy
•Virtzy Portfolio Building

Important tools and resources to use to leverage your business visibility online.

Our sessions are led by:
Isak Mirzak,
Isak Mirzak, Co-founder and CEO of Virtzy. Specifically focused for beauty and wellness professionals to help them build their brands. Over 20 years of direct experience in the industry as a stylist himself. Also a Social Media Marketing Specialist and Graphics Designer.

Kristina Aran, M.A.
Kristina Aran, Co-Founder & COO of Virtzy. Over 9 years experience in Beauty Market Research, beauty business strategy and client relations. Also, a published writer.

How our sessions work.
We host these live online webinars out of our office in New York, NY. Guests tune in online to watch the live presentation. During the presentation, we set up a question and answer platform where participants can submit questions and have them answered. You’ll be sent the live streaming link 30 minutes before our presentation goes live and a reminder email a day before the event. The email will be labeled SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGIES FOR BEAUTY & WELLNESS PROS.

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